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What is Scavenger BLITZ?

Scavenger BLITZ is part adventure race, part scavenger hunt and part Trivial Pursuit.

Multi person teams are given a list of twelve clues. Upon solving them, the teams head out to checkpoints around town to take photos, complete challenges, locate points of interest and search for things to scavenge, while laughing all the way for 2-4 hours. Race distance depends on how you set out to get to each checkpoint, but we generally try to keep it to 5-7 miles. Public transportation is allowed. See the RULES for more info.


What do we get?

  1. Super cool Scavenger Blitz T-shirt
  2. One of the most fun days you've ever had
  3. A great workout
  4. A year's worth of ridiculous stories!

How many people can be on a team?

Minimum 2, maximum 10. Get your friends to join you and make it a party!

You'll sign up as individuals, and you run the entire event together. Upon finishing when we verify you've completed all the challenges, we group you together by team name.

How much does it cost?

$60 per person. Watch for early signup discount codes on our Facebook page.

What's the most important resource for our success?

You have many ways to solve clues: Your smartphone, asking strangers, the library, you can even carry a laptop if you don't mind hauling it around. But maybe the most important thing you can do is have a great "Pit Crew" as your phone-a-friend. Calling someone at home who has web access can make a huge difference in solving clues and getting directions to your destination.

Do we need fancy athletic clothes?

Wear whatever you'd typically wear for a day out roaming the streets. Some comfy running/walking shoes will make your day more fun. Matching outfits are encouraged, or better yet, wear some cool costumes!

Do we have to wear costumes?

We've got a prize for the best team costumes in every single city! And when else will you have an excuse to dress up ridiculously and run around the city streets?

Where does this take place?

Sometimes it's in a park, sometimes we start and finish at a local establishment. See the registration page for your city.

If me or my teammate can't make it, can I get a refund?

No refunds for any reason, however, you can switch teammates at any time. Just email us the following:

Your team name
City your participating in
Name of the teammate being replaced
New teammate's:
-Email address
-Emergency contact name/phone #
-Shirt size

Do I need to be a runner to finish?

If you can walk 5 miles, you will likely be able to complete the event. Keep in mind you can also use public transportation. Winners will probably have run much of it, but that doesn't mean they had as much fun as you did walking. Total course distance done entirely on foot may be longer, but keep in mind you can also skip one of the dozen checkpoints.

Teams are ranked first by number of checkpoints attained, then by the time it took them to finish. You may skip one of the 12 checkpoints, but getting all 12 will NOT place you above a team getting 11 checkpoints. Sometimes it's just a good insurance policy against mistakes such as your picture didn't take, you ran out of time or you went to the wrong place. If you make it to just one checkpoint, your still considered an official finisher, though most teams will complete all of the required points.

Do I have to be an expert on my city?

No. Many of our participants will be from out of town. Being familiar has its advantages, but a good pit crew as your phone-a-friend is even more valuable.

Maps: Maps are a good idea, and you'll want to bring any you think that might help you.

Do we have to complete the checkpoints in any particular order?

You'll want to pick the route you think is fastest, it's entirely up to you.

There may be a set timeframe in which you must visit a checkpoint. For instance, Checkpoint 7 is only open from 1pm-3pm but that's part of the strategy!

Will I have to eat bugs?

You may have to eat something, but nothing too creepy. We'll keep it tolerable.

How long is the race?

Time: We may have winners around an hour to ninety minutes, but you've got four hours to finish.. Plan to stick around for a fun party atmosphere in the afternoon. Distance: we imagine most teams spending around 5-7 miles on their feet, give or take.

When (and what) is race check-in?

Race check-in opens at 11am. In order to speed things up, please print and fill out this ADULT WAIVER ahead of time. Please arrive by 11:15am at the latest so you can be ready for the pre-race announcements at 11:45am. The race starts promptly at noon.

Do you cancel if it rains?

Heck no! Many of our participants think the rainy day events end up being the most fun! We only ever make changes based on safety.

Who came up with this?

Scavenger Blitz is a fun and accessible spin on adventure racing. Sierra Adventure Sports has been hosting adventure races, 5k's, bike races, Mad Mud Run, etc since 2003.

How can I volunteer?

Volunteers are needed from 11am til 4pm. Please email us and indicate which city you are interested in helping out with. Duties may include overseeing a mystery challenge, helping with check-in or handing out
t-shirts. We're saying thanks with a free entry into any of our other races!

Can we see the results after the race?

Yes, your team name, participant names, and time along with any photos we may have will be posted on your city's race page by the Tuesday following the race. Please email us your photos for inclusion on the website.

Will there be any awards?

Yes. Just after 4pm we will have an awards ceremony. We'll have awards for our top three teams, an award for best costume, as well as a raffle for a number of sponsor provided prizes. At least one teammate MUST be present to win.


At the beginning of the race, each team will be given a sheet of paper with twelve clues. Solve those clues then make your way to the checkpoints indicated by your answers and follow the instructions as to what to do at each one.

At some points you'll complete a challenge, at others take a picture, or you might need to figure out where to scavenge a certain item. All challenges will be completable by nearly anyone and you have the option of skipping one of the twelve clues. Strategy will play a big role in which to skip. Keep in mind, however, that getting all 12 checkpoints correct will not place you above a team getting only 11. Sometimes doing all 12 is a good insurance policy against mistakes. You may also have mandatory clues, which will be indicated on your clue sheet.

To be considered an official finisher, you must complete at least one point, though you will likely complete all or most over the course of the day.

Races may contain one or more Detours, which is a choice between two challenges. Choose the one you think will be fastest or most fun.

Once you cross the finish line, you are done. You are highly encouraged to check your photos prior to crossing the line. ...There's no going back out!

Rankings are determined by who completes eleven or more checkpoints in the shortest amount of time.

Clues must be solved, checkpoints reached, challenges completed

Team: You may have to work through an obstacle, ride a big wheel, build a human pyramid with strangers, blow a bubble larger than a softball, etc.

Scavenge: You may be asked to return to the finish line at the end of the race, with a specific item.

Mental: Puzzles like you might see in the newspaper, Where's Waldo, search a word, anagrams, Morse code, etc.

Local Knowledge: Questions about your city, and what makes it unique, and "Where is that statue..?" You will probably be taking a picture with it.


Phone-a-friend: The best help you can have is a person (we like to think of them as a Pit Crew) seated in front of an internet connection at home that you can call as necessary. You may need to figure out some unique local trivia, get directions, figure out song lyrics, etc. You can also use smartphones, library internet connections, GPS devices, etc to get the answers to questions you need.

Sample Clues:


Anything else you need to know? EMAIL US!



We love to see you dressed up in costume!
The team with our favorite costume in every city wins a free race entry.

So let's see 'em...get creative and have fun!








A digital camera with good batteries
-$10 in singles

These items are not required, they can certainly be useful!

-something to snack on
-cell phone charger
-gallon ziplock bag to keep your clues dry in case of rain

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